Sauble Beach

Friday after work Myself, Adam, Alley, Paul and Train packed up the truck and headed up to Sauble Beach. The drive up we listened to the Dazed and Confused soundtrack as well as Z.Z Top greatest hits while Adam and I indulged in quite a few energy drinks. We arrived a little after 12, unpacked, started a fire and hit the bottles. The weekend consisted of numerous jokes about my P.C low carb beer, lots of laughs, Xbox, rad music and lying on the dock watching stars. It ended to quick but the time spent was a great way to wind down the summer with some really solid friends. Here are some photos I took while up there, enjoy.

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Sunset / Everyone on the Dock


Sunset From the Dock

Paul and Train Playing some Xbox

Adam with his Patent Rye and Coke / Adam Playing some Guitar

This Super Rad Toyota FJ Cruiser that was Having too Much Fun in the sand and Water

The Beer Shed / The Trailer Guardian Gnomes

Star Trail on the Dock

Adam at Sunset / Adam being a Bird

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Another of the FJ Cruiser


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Anonymous said...

The sky shot from Sauble makes me feel tingly inside.